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F-Renault: Fraga concludes test and now focuses on collective training
Felipe Fraga has had a full schedule in their first year of racing. One of the top names in Brazilian karting in recent years, the Tocantinense contest this year's Formula Renault 2.0 Alps in Europe, and when it is in Brazil - for e ample the last weekend - he has the team Red Bull Racing Stock Car, where is the pilot of the two-seater, which takes passengers to feel close the emotion of the race car in the category.

The Brazilian who race Formula Renault Alps said es have collected good information about the behavior of the car. "It was a very good test. Without knowing the track and a training day at least, I can only say that we adhere to the schedule in one day. So the balance is positive," said Fraga.

"The car was great, and I think if I had also training the day before, could be among the top ten in combined times, for sure," said Felipe, who remained in Europe for training groups that performed in the category pro ima weeks in the circuit of Navarra, also in Spain, on 26 and 27.
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