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It was a weekend of unique feeling for the young Felipe Fraga, 17. Formula Renaul Alps 2.0 carried out in step one of the most incredible and traditional circuits of Formula 1 at Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium. Fraga was the debut of the racetrack, and it was good. Played in both tests, the Tocantins made a sixth place on Saturday (23) and a fourth position in Sunday's race (24), despite having dropped from the eighth and ninth position, respectively.

With this, the pilot of a Tech, which has the support of the Red Bull company, Sparco, Bell, moved up to eighth in the championship of Formula Renault Alps in their first year out of the kart, with a best result was the podium in the streets of Pau, France, with third place. The pilot of Tocantins sum now 35 points.

"The weekend was very special to me, and I am very happy with both results. The second test, then forget it. Drop to get the fourth and ninth at Spa Francorchamps, a track that is very difficult to me very happy. Now, let's keep focused for the next race in the Alps to be on track for Red Bull in Austria, or certainly will be even more special, "said the Brazilian.

The race in Red Bull Ring in Austria, will be on September 2.
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