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Name: Felipe Castro Fraga

Birth: July 3, 1995

City: Jacundá, Pará

Height: 1,77 m

Weight: 67 Kg

Musical taste: Pop-rock

Idol: Rubens Barrichello

Best race: Final of Pan American 2009, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Category: Graduados (PGK)

The Brazilian driver Felipe Fraga, was born in Jacundá, Pará, in 1995. He has lived in Palmas, Tocantins since he was three. At the age of six, his career began when he ran in three category Mirim Brasiliense Kart Championship races.

His first full race season came the following year (2002). Felipe claimed his first title by securing first place in the Brasiliense Kart Championship. He would repeat this result in 2003, when he was unbeaten all season.

In the same year (2003) Felipe made his debut in the Brazil Cup Kart national championships, held in Palmas. Fraga finished in 4th place, but his outstanding performance caught the attention of the karting experts who predicted a fine career ahead.

The following year (2004) was still a learning year for the young racer. He won his third championship, the first title in Brasilia and in the Cadet category.

2005 was Felipe¹s first year in Paulista, the strongest Brazilian state karting championship. Competing in the Cadet category, Fraga finished the year as Sao Paulo vice-champion. At this point, he had won the first of his three titles in the South-Brazilian championship national stature. These championships were organized by the three federations of motoring Southern Brazil and supervised by the CBA.

That year, he won his first Brazilian Midwest Cup, and then won the championship Tocantinense, followed by the vice Cup Brazil. That was another event supervised by CBA.

2006 marked his debut in Junior Minor, a new category. Within the first half of the year, Fraga had won another title, his second in the South-Brazilian championship. This was quickly followed by an exclusive title; the Paulista Championship.

However, Felipe was not finished. By the end of the year, he claimed more titles including The Golden Helmet, a prize offered to the best in motor racing by the Brazilian Racing magazine. This is a prestigious award, voted by journalists. He later repeated this feat and secured his second consecutive helmet. The Golden Helmet is considered one of the most coveted awards for Brazilian racers.

For the 2007 season, Felipe was promoted to the rank of Junior, and again proved himself by celebrating another title. This was his third award from the South-Brazilian Championship.

Felipe won his third South-Brazilian championship in May, shortly followed by another championship in July, and in September the 1st Brazil Karting GP. These were all awards in the junior category.

More awards were to follow. The successful racer won a place in the World Cup ROK JUNIOR in France, but could not attend as he was not of age. That October, he ended the year by being runner-up in the Brazil Kart Cup.

In 2008, Felipe was crowned the Bi-Champion of Brazil GP kart. In May, he was Brazilian Champion, winning the fourth championship and won his first international title. This was the Super Karts USA SKUSA, which took place in Las Vegas.

In 2009 Felipe won yet more titles. He became the Panamerican Karting Champion and won the Brazilian kart again. Felipe became the only Penta Brazilian Champion to win five consecutive titles (2005 - 2009). He was also the youngest driver to qualify for the Selective Petrobras.

2010 became an important year for his career; he won the Petrobras Kart Selective 2010. Established in 1999, the selective aims to encourage and find the next generation of Brazilian Auto Racing stars. As champion, Fraga received $ 60,000 USD.

He is also the Brazil Cup Kart Champion of 2010 and received his 4th Golden Helmet in the New Talent category.

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